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PHP App to AWS Migration Help

Do you need to migrate a large PHP Application to AWS and want a partner to assist you?

Our parent company, MoonBaby Labs, has successfully managed many PHP to AWS cloud transition projects, and understand the huge complexities involved in making such a successful transition. If you are using VPS services with 1 and 1, DigitalOcean, etc, a successful migration can take 3-6 months to complete with many landmines along the way.

It is really important that you are cautious with your transition plan else you’ll be at risk of either a month of a completely terrible customer experience or astronomical infrastructure costs. The transition requires lots of careful and proactive testing before its release.

We can help transition your PHP application to AWS!

Whether you want to hire my company to do everything for you, or manage and train your team of developers through the process, I have the experience to help make the AWS transition process successful for your applications.

This includes everything from setting up the CI/CD pipelines, writing the cloudformation infrastructure templates, refactoring the code, setting up the AWS RDS databases, setting up S3 buckets, Beanstalk applications, Lambdas, queues, notification services, and whatever else is needed. We can make sure that every step is good to go.